A Closer Look at Timmy Trumpet’s Encounter with the Mets


Timmy Trumpet, the renowned Australian DJ, made a stunning appearance at the iconic Major League Baseball team, the Mets. As immersive sounds filled the ballpark, everyone was intrigued to explore the synergy between baseball and EDM music.

Emerging EDM Prodigy Timmy Trumpet

Born as Timothy Jude Smith on June 9, 1982, Timmy Trumpet, as he’s affectionately known, has been a leading name in the electronic dance music (EDM) industry. Initially starting his career as a trumpeter in a Sydney jazz band, he transitioned to become an international sensation of the EDM world.

The Mets – A Legendary Baseball Team

The Mets are a historic American baseball team based in New York City. Founded in 1962, the Mets have a rich heritage and have hosted several notable events, attracting millions of fans annually. Their alliance with Timmy Trumpet only goes to show their dedication to entertaining their fans in novel ways.

The Collaboration – Where Sports Meets Music

Two giant entities, Timmy Trumpet and The Mets encountered each other, creating a phenomenal blend of sports and music. This unparalleled fusion was aimed at bringing something fresh to the loyal fans of the Mets, making each baseball game an unforgettable experience.

The Musical Genius Behind the Performance

The incorporation of EDM music at a baseball game, especially performed by a renowned personality like Timmy Trumpet, dramatically changed the ambiance. His signature sounds and killer beats roared throughout the stadium, resonating with the crowd’s thrill from the game.

From Jazz to Baseball Parks

Timmy Trumpet’s evolution from the former trumpeter of Sydney jazz bands to the Mets’ star performer is awe-inspiring. One of the highlights of his successful career is his association with the Mets, making him one of the most distinguished figures in the EDM scene.

Impact on the EDM Scene and Sports World

The collaboration of Timmy Trumpet and the Mets made a significant impact on both the EDM scene and sports world. By branching out into sports, he brought EDM to the masses, diversifying its audience.

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